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Top 5 Amazing Technology Facts 


 Wikipedia is maintained by thousands of bots

Are you aware that Wikipedia pages are currently managed by thousands of automated programs known as bots? At present, there are 2468 approved bot tasks responsible for conducting maintenance duties across over 52 million English Wikipedia pages.



 Google was up for sale in 1999

In 1999, Larry Page had considered selling Google to Excite for approximately $750,000 along with a 1% stake in Excite. However, the agreement eventually fell through. Presently, Google boasts a market capitalization exceeding $700 billion.

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3 is not the original name of the website

Before settling on the name Amazon, Jeff Bezos experimented with various names for his business. The initial name he registered was Cadabra Inc.

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Smoking can void your Apple product warranties

Were you aware that your Apple product's warranty can be voided if you smoke in close proximity to them? Apple enforces this policy to ensure the safety of its technicians by preventing exposure to hazardous work environments.

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Water Integrator — a computer that runs on water

In 1936, Vladimir Sergeevich Lukyanov constructed the world's inaugural computer capable of solving partial derivative-based differential equations. What's truly remarkable is that this machine was powered by water.

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