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Top 5 Amazing Indian Web Series To Watch



Shubh makes a formidable comeback fueled by vengeance, raising the stakes even higher this season. As the unity among the heroes crumbles, can a shattered Dhananjay Rajpoot and a deeply conflicted Nikhil Nair muster the strength to halt his sinister plans?


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Kota Factory 

In tribute to the esteemed figures Shrimati SL Loney, Shri Irodov, and Maanniya HC Verma, TVF presents its newest original series, 'Kota Factory'. This groundbreaking show, India's pioneering 'Black and White' production, sheds light on the challenges that modern IIT-JEE aspirants encounter in their everyday existence.

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Scam 1992

Taking place during the 1980s and '90s in Mumbai, the series chronicles the journey of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who propelled the stock market to unprecedented heights, only to experience a devastating downfall.

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Family Man

An ordinary man employed by the National Investigation Agency endeavors to safeguard the nation against terrorism, all the while navigating the delicate task of shielding his family from the covert demands of his profession.

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In 1936, Vladimir Sergeevich Lukyanov constructed the world's inaugural computer capable of solving partial derivative-based differential equations. What's truly remarkable is that this machine was powered by water.

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